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Kumquats, Inc., is a new, high-energy, hands-on, results-oriented consultancy and service to diverse educational managements throughout the nation.  Whether your institution be large, small, private, public, for-profit, not-for-profit, involved in certificate programs or degree programs, we can really help.  Ever since our founding in 1996, we have been providing fresh ideas to resolve the problems that challenge you and your colleagues.

Kumquats, Inc., also is pleased to help social service and cultural organizations.   After all, many of your problems are closely related to those experienced in education -- including such areas of concern as clientele expansion and retention, fund-raising, grant-writing, regulatory relations, publication design, and talent development.

Explore what Kumquats, Inc., can do for you. Using exacting research and old-fashioned hard work, we develop ideas that lead to exciting solutions and snappy results.  Click the links below to learn more about our company, our services, and our successes.

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